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Friday 20th May is My Body My Rules – Dress to Express Day

Attendance/Late Procedures

Good Attendance & Good Punctuality


Pupils should be in school EVERY day, ALL day. Pupils should arrive to school on time, before the start of the school day. Pupils who arrive after 8:55am, will need to sign in as 'late' via the school office and will be marked as 'late' on the school register.


Good attendance and good punctuality will help your child to be happier at school, to learn more and make greater progress.   All holidays must be taken during the school holidays, NOT during term-time. Except in an emergency or if urgent, all appointments (e.g. doctor, dentist etc) and other events should be made after school, at the weekends or during the school holidays, NOT during the school day. Days and time missed at school = LOST LEARNING. Children should be in school EVERY day, ALL day (except for illness or other very exceptional circumstances)

Start & Finish Times


Nursery                 08:45 – 11:45   &             12:45 – 03:45

Reception             08:55  -  03:30

Year 1                    08:55 – 03:25

Year 2                    08:55 – 03:30

Year 3                    08:55 – 03:30

Year 4                    08:55 – 03:30

Year 5                    08:55 – 03:30

Year 6                    08:55 – 03:30