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Friday 20th May is My Body My Rules – Dress to Express Day

Policies and Other Information


(Including Relationships and Sex Education) The school is part of the Healthy Schools scheme and considerable emphasis is placed upon healthy eating and exercise.

Where relationships and sex education is taught to the older children, parents are offered the opportunity to view materials in advance of the course of lessons. This focus is on relationships in the context of a loving family. Parents have the right to withdraw children from these lessons.


The school takes a multi-faith approach to Collective Worship and to the teaching of Religious Education. This is in keeping with the Local Authority’s Agreed Syllabus.

We encourage all children of every faith to respect and understand different religions in preparation for adult life in a diverse society. A determination has been granted by SACRE for the school to opt out of Collective Worship that is mainly Christian in nature. Parents are reminded of their right to withdraw their children from Religious Education and Collective Worship. For further information please contact the head teacher.

At Featherstone Primary & Nursery School pupils are given the opportunity to visit places of worship in the local area. Other children will have the opportunity to listen to a faith visitor at the school. Each year group focuses on a different faith so the children will understand and respect all the faiths. This is an important part of the curriculum.


The basic unit of the school is the class and each class teacher takes a special interest in the work and welfare of their children. The class teachers and phase co-ordinators monitor pupils emotional and physical wellbeing, while the Head and Assistant Heads monitor throughout the school on what is happening overall.

Parents who are concerned about their children’s welfare are encouraged to discuss the matter with the class teacher or a member of the senior management team. Our policy on discipline has recently been reviewed. This emphasises praise for good behaviour and, at the same time, defines for pupils the limits of what is acceptable and imposes appropriate sanctions on those who transgress. Parental co-operation and support is essential if this policy is to succeed. Children who work and behave well are awarded smiley faces or merit points.


The school is committed to encouraging a positive attitude towards sport. Teams represent the school in football, cricket and athletics. All children are expected to take part in games lessons when it appears on their timetable wearing appropriate P.E. kit.


In the interests of pupil safety, all doors have been fitted with security locks. Access to the school for visitors will be via the administration office.


As part of our School Travel Plan, the school encourages all children to walk to school.
This improves fitness and reduces traffic flow outside the school. We hope you will support us in promoting safe and sustainable travel to school. Please encourage your child to take part in all initiatives relating to safe walking


The school does not charge for any activity that is an integral part of the child’s education. Parents are asked to make voluntary donations to cover the cost of outings but no child is excluded from a trip because of the parent’s inability to make such a contribution. The school subsidises the cost of school trips.


Any school property, or part of the school that is broken or damaged, non accidentally, must be paid for by the child or parent.  ALL BOOKS, (including homework books) belonging to the school which are damaged,  lost or spoiled, either on purpose, or by accident, MUST be paid for. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in order that we may benefit all our pupils. If you would like to discuss any of the above please do not hesitate to contact the school.

  • Homework diary – 50p
  • Reading book – cost of replacement
  • Other damage – replacement cost.

Please note that all the information on our school's website is available on paper copy upon request free of charge.