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School ends at 1:30pm on Friday 23rd July. Pupils return on 2nd September. Please keep checking your emails and Weduc for COVID-19 updates

Who's Who

#TeamFeatherstone                #FeatherstoneFamily 






Mr Lee (Headteacher), Mrs Sidhu (Deputy Headteacher), Mr Cooksey (Deputy Headteacher), Ms Bauer (Assistant Headteacher), Miss Chohan (Assistant Headteacher)





Mr Gupta (Business Manager), Mrs Jeer (Pupil Data Manager), Mr Sall (Administrator), Mrs Gill (Welfare Officer), Miss Procter (PA to Headteacher & Clerk to Governors), Mr Tilbury (Assessment Data & IT), Mrs Shah (administrator), Mrs Ghattaura (Administrator)






Mrs Satheeskumar (Senior SMSA), Mrs Gupta (Deputy SMSA), Mrs Rampal (SMSA), Mrs Kugananthan (SMSA), Mrs Trivedi (SMSA), Mrs Fernandes (SMSA), Mrs Gautam (SMSA), Miss Singh (SMSA), Mrs Sandhu (SMSA), Mrs Mhay (SMSA), Mrs Al-Abasi (SMSA)


Float Teachers



Mrs Wickens (Float Teacher), Mr Sohal (Float Teacher),

Mrs Vallance (Float Teacher), Mrs Hassan (Float Teacher)





Mrs Digby (Class Teacher), Mrs Chopra (Nursery Nurse), Miss Stanton (Class Teacher), Mrs Narang (Nursery Nurse), Ms Bauer (EYFS Leader), Mrs Nur (EYFS Float), Mrs Shah (Nursery Nurse)





Miss Alam (Class Teacher), Miss Collins (Class Teacher), Miss Khan (Class Teacher), Ms Bauer (Assistant Headteacher), Mrs Chaim (Nursery Nurse), Mrs Cooksey (Nursery Nurse), Miss Khan (Nursery Nurse)


Year 1



Miss Awas (Class Teacher), Miss Miyanji (Class Teacher), Miss Ahmed (Class Teacher), Ms Bauer (Phase Leader & AH)


Year 2



Mrs Collier (Class Teacher), Miss Dhaliwal (Class Teacher), Miss Adi (Class Teacher), Ms Bauer (Phase Leader & AH)


Year 3



Ms Padda (Class Teacher), Miss Naidoo (Class Teacher), Miss Chohan (AH & Class Teacher)


 Year 4



Mrs Singh (Class Teacher), Mr Thomas (Class Teacher), Mrs Olivier (Class Teacher), Miss Chohan (Phase Leader & AH)


Year 5



Mrs Das (Class Teacher), Mrs Khasriya (Class Teacher), Mrs Hayre (Class Teacher), Mr Cooksey (Phase Leader & DH)


Year 6



Miss Storr (Class Teacher), Mrs Khurana (Class Teacher), Miss Chowdhury (Class Teacher), Mr Cooksey (Phase Leader & DH)





Mrs Sidhu (SEN TA), Mrs Salem (SEN TA), Mrs Panesar (SEN TA), Mrs Jandu (SEN TA), Mrs Nizami (SEN TA), Mrs Sidhu (SENCo, DSL, Deputy Headteacher), Mrs Collier (SENCo Shadow), Mrs Basram (SEN TA), Mrs Evans (SEN TA), Mr Vidal (SEN TA), Mrs Amani (SEN TA), Mrs Lyons (SEN TA)





Miss Treacy (SEN), Miss Selwood (SEN TA), Miss Chaudhry (SEN TA), Miss Makoni (SEN TA), Miss Soltani (SEN TA), Mrs Kaur (SEN TA)




Mr Davis (Music Teacher), Miss Tiernan (PE Teacher),

Mrs Richardson (Music Teacher), Ms Simon (Spanish Teacher)





Miss Naidoo (Class Teacher), Miss Mahmoudi (Teaching Assistant)





Mr Coombes (Site Manager), Mr Mason (Assistant Caretaker)


Fit for Sport



Fit for Sport

Mr Johal (Lunchtime Supervisor), Miss Stanley (Lunchtime Supervisor),  

Mr Sund (Lunchtime Supervisor), Mr Wilson (Lunchtime Supervisor), Ms Hill (Lunchtime Supervisor)